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Check out the Cover of the Enlited Wonz' New CD: Buy It

Enlited Wonz at KTV Hollywood

Enlited Wonz From L to R: Sham-Ra, Bio, Powerman Analyst.
Photo by Cory Silken.


June 15th - Carribean U-Turn
June 29th - Kay's Oasis

Listen to the Enlited Wonz' singles from their Album:
Invasion of the Intelligent Lifeforms.

1. Let's Get It Done (mp3)
2. Bio Theory (mp3)
3. The Truth (mp3)
4. Open Your Eyes (mp3)

Download the LIVE at WERS mp3.
This shit is HOT!

Live at WERS from April 8, 2002

The Enlited Wonz are Produced by Hendrik David Gideonse XIX for Indecent Music at Studio 294.

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