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Nineteen in Stealth Mode:

We have just completed recording a new demo CD on three tunes: My Lover Tonight, Eyelashed and Miz Devine. More soon on the release of the disc!

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Hear the NEW sounds:
Moon Song w/ Harmonies by
Venus & Aphrodite and Colin
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  cd: a cradle for your soul nineteen a cradle for your soul
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The Players:

Hendrik XIX
Venus & Aphrodite

In the Press

left to right: venus, hendrik xix, aphrodite, colin
photo: randolph williams

You may have noticed that the band looks a lot different! We don't have a guitarist anymore. He has been replaced by two new singers (Venus & Aphrodite)! The new sound is like Morphine living the Fleetwood mac lifestyle!

Both Venus and Aphrodite have already recorded with Nineteen and for Indecent Music.

The April 1999 Tour was amazing! Some many fans came out to make us feel welcome in all the towns! Philly was a little scarey! Both Pittsburgh's Electric Banana and Cincinnati's Sudsy Malone's were the highlights of the tour. Wild expressions of support were made by fans! had tons of write ups and reviews in the local papers and zines! It was amazing to have so much support from so many different people along the way.


was featured in the Boston Sunday Globe on 1/10/1999:

The Lyrics are sensuous and surreal, sometimes using imagery from Greek mythology, other times playing on the abstract and the carnal. Full Article

    In the Sept. 98 issue of The Noise, Butch and Brenda described as "ludricrously grandiose."

     was reviewed in the August 98 issue of Metronome Magazine. This is what they said:

The band Nineteen has a very unusual delivery that incorporates driving bass lines, spoken prose and ultra-tight execution. "Twitch" is a maniacal song perfect for the new millennium while "So Fine" and "Moon Song" solidify Nineteen's peculiar aura. Very cool.

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