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WILDMAN. Political Protest Against Going to War in Iraq.

Enlited Wonz
Nuwaubian Hip Hop Spiritual & Virtuosic w/ dark and oily organic instrumentals.

Eric W.
Sketchy Comedy at its very best. Not for the faint of heart or soul

Intense studies of the human voice in the electronic format. Deep world rhythms and house music blended with erotica.

MAO Inhibitor

Spacious trances and perpetual rhythms driving from world musics

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the dark.sexy.pop. group


God Size Hole

Indecent Music prepares to release its first Rock album since 2002's Flag Retirement by Wildman. The trio's moody sparse heaviness shadows the new musical landscape of Indecent Music.

LISTEN: Age of Nothing || No Boundaries

Indecent Music Studios Open to the Public

Producer Hendrik XIX has just opened Indecent Music Studios to the public. Now you can get the pristine Indecent sound on your recordings and productions.
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Now you can post your thoughts about Indecent Music.
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Enlited Wonz Album
Invasion of the Intelligent Lifeforms is available now!!!
You can now buy the record at Newbury Comics, Mattapan Music and Skippy White's in Central Square.
Listen to the favorite tracks off the record

Let's Get It Done || enlitedwonz-getitdone.mp3
Bio Theory || enlitedwonz-bio-theory.mp3
Open Your Eyes || enlitedwonz-openyoureyes.mp3
The Truth || enlitedwonz-truth.mp3

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