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Call (781) 396 5585 to schedule a visit
to the studio or email us for more information.

INDECENT MUSIC STUDIOS specializes in helping clients get the most for their money and time. With the skills of Producer Hendrik David Gideonse XIX, the hybrid studio takes the warmth of all-tube pre-amps and high-end compressors and then exploits these sounds using the wonders of state-of-the-art digital tracking and editing.

Clients enjoy the speed and reduced cost of the digital format while relaxing in the special isolation rooms or the smokers' lounge.

Indecent Music specializes in the composition, production, recording and mastering of all types of music from hip-hop to chamber music and from all-live multi-track recordings of jazz ensembles to multilayering and overdubbing required by modern studio artists.

Our clients are people just like you: bands, solo artists, part-time musicians, aspiring professionals, singers, lyricists, MCs, film-makers, artists, and companies.

Some Artists that have worked in the studio: Chris Mascara, David Wildman, Sandro G, The Enlited Wonz, Roger Miller (Mission to Burma), Kabir, Disciple, Scotty B, Emily Grogan, Shawn McGlaughlin, S.L.U.M.S., Lyv of SoundFusion, Nineteen, Dymond Myndz, Kid Spin, DJ BG and many others.

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