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NEIA: Audio Technology II

Syllabae in Word Format:
Section C: Tuesdays 12:30 PM
Section A: Mondays 12:30 PM

Class Handouts:

Class #1

A Review of Audio Technology I: Waveforms, Amplitude,Peak and RMS, Additive Synthesis, Power/Intensity and Loudness, Ohm's Law, Microphone Patterns. Download the Review

Class #2

Audio Connectors, the difference between balanced and unbalanced connections, why different cables are used for different applications. Download the handout

Direct Box Handout. A somewhat technical description of direct box designs including detailed information about how the transformers are utilized in the design. Written by David Greenberg. Download the handout.

I have uploaded an entire page of Test Tones. Now you too can do audio testing in the comfort of your home!

Class #3

How to set-up various different signal flows for recording processes. Including Live to 2-Track, Multi-track recording and mixing, Auxes and effects loops, inserts. Audio Recording Signal Flow Download.

The Basics of Mixing : The Roland Book : a great beginner's guide to mixing.

Class #4

Equalization, Filters and Frequency Domain or Spectral Effects.

In-Class Powerpoint Presentation: Equalization

Class #5

Compression Exercise: A great hands-on project for learning compression.

Final Project Materials:

Studio Space
Download SketchUp File

FINAL PROJECT: Design a $20K Recording Studio
Part I: Developing the Budget
Part 2: Patch Bay Layouts

Example Equipment List
Example Patch Bay
Patch Bay Layout Blanks



Class #10

Block Diagram Symbols
Manual for the Mackie 1604 VLZ
Block Diagram for DC2020
Block Diagram for the Eurodesk Mixer MX3282




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