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Books that You Need to Own

The Sound Reinforcement Handbook

Meet the O.G. of the Audio Engineering Books. They handed a dog-earred and much-loved copy of this book to me when I started doing live sound in 1991. It has a lot of technical information that's laid out in a no-nonsense way and it's part of the underlying culture of live sound engineers everywhere. When it first came out there really wasn't anything like it available. Every engineer should have a copy!

Especially useful for anyone who wants more information on speaker systems, feedback, mic patterns, amplification techniques. It is a soup-to-nuts guide.

The Rock n Roll Singer's Survival Manual

Every vocalist (Singers and MC's) and everyone who works with vocalists (Producers, Engineers, Composers) should buy a copy of this book. It explains how to start treating your voice like a fine instrument. It gets into the nuts and bolts of diet, hydration, exercise, alcohol, drugs and smoking and their impacts on your voice.

This isn't a book that teaches you how to sing, it's not interested in changing your style. It's there to help teach you how your body works and how you can help it work better! It doesn't matter if you're an MC or an opera singer gone pop, this book is for you.

All You Need to Know About the Music Business

This is best-written, easiest-to-understand book about everything important in the music business. There are books with more info, but they really aren't as well written.

The highlights of the book:

How to choose people to work with. Lawyers, Managers, Agents.
What record deals are and why you probably don't want one.
Songwriting stuff and Copyright Law. This stuff is wicked important!
Licensing to Film and TV.


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