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Studio and Production Suite

Indecent Music's studio and production suite includes some of the highest quality components available today. Mic Pre-amps by Daking Audio, Universal Audio, and TL Audio complimented by mics like the AKG 414, Shure KSM141's, Rode's NT2, and Earthworks omni-directional small diaphram condensers create audio with crystal clarity and warmth not available in most modern studios. We cherish a pair of 40-A2 Dorrough Meters for assuring powerful mixes and still maintaining dramatic dynamics. We also use mics by Shure, Electro Voice, Audix and Audio Technica.

The live room includes a variety of acoustic surfaces including wood, tile, and glass. Mid and high frequencies are tamed with custom made acoustic treatments. There are bass traps hand-made using the designs of Ethan Winer. The room is large enough for a full rhythm section, but small enough to create the sense of intimacy that most performers really benefit from. (Photos)

Instruments on hand include 2 drums sets (Pearl Maple & Premier Birch), 4 electric basses, a German contrabass, electric guitars, Roland Juno 106, JV-1010, Gigastudio 3 Orchestral, Bass POD, Guitar POD Version 2.0, Guitar POD XT Live, Korg Concert C-15S, a Martin 000 Acoustic Guitar and amps and speakers by Mesa-Boogie, Carvin, Peavey, Bag End and Celestion.

We use the following software: Cakewalk Sonar 8.5 Producer,FL Studio XXL 7, Sony ACID Pro, Sony Sound Forge and CD Architect, Pro Tools, Sonic Implants Complete Symphonic Collection, GigaStudio, GVI, and a ton of Plug-ins.

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